Programmatic Advertising - It's cooler than you think

11:30-12:00, Hall 1A

Love it or loathe it, the online advert is here to stay. While many will decry the technology and search for the ad blocker or skip button, advertising plays a huge part in the democratisation of online content when you only have to pay with your attention.

Programmatic advertising is a facet of AdTech that facilitates a huge and growing amount of our content consumption. By allowing publishers and advertisers to get the best prices and the most relevant audiences, programmatic advertising helps to make online content a viable way to run a business. Automation of the ad sale process allows the timeline to go from days of negotiation between people and companies, and instead makes it a sub-second process that can react to changing conditions and market trends.

This talk will explain how it works, the vast ecosystem of technology that keeps it working, and the challenges that can be faced when dealing with hundreds of billions of requests per day.