Building for VR in the Browser

13:00-13:30, Hall 1A

Virtual Reality (VR) has evolved in recent years. No longer a cyberpunk fantasy, we can immerse ourselves in other worlds for entertainment, education, art and science. The industry saw fresh growth during COVID lockdowns, and the next generation of hardware is now on the horizon.

While the barrier to entry for consumers gets lower, starting as a VR creator can be daunting. Despite the accessibility and power of modern creation engines, the learning curve can still be steep. There is another way, though.

With modern browsers, we can set up and explore our own VR environments, using regular web technologies - HTML and a little JavaScript. If you can build for the Web, you can build for VR!

Join me for a beginner’s dive into creating for VR in the browser. We will explore the creation of environments and interactive elements, using web technologies and established VR best practices. Sit back, relax, and let’s jack in - no headset (or brain implants) required.