The NIDC Team


Blame should be addressed here.

Artemiy Kondratiev

Art invests much of his time in building forums for peer-to-peer education through his work with Farset Labs and NIDC. One day, he will finally read The Art of Programming.

Heather McNamee

Heather’s been organising tech community events since 2008. She’s volunteered at and spoken at NI Dev. Now she’s on the team and thinks you should join us!

Fun fact: She has lived and worked in 5 countries, volunteered at tech events in 8 countries, and travelled to 32 countries.

James Matchett

James is a Senior Cyber Security Engineer who enjoys pentesting, electronics and 3D printing. After teaching STEM and coding to students around the UK, he hopes to harness this to help developers across NI.

Josh Beatty

Still) studying Computer Science at Queens, Josh has been on the Queen’s Computing Society Committee for four years in various roles, an organiser for SISTEM for two years and is currently looking a new personality as he transitions out of Uni to a full time job at ESO.

Lauren Taylor

Lauren is an energetic, ambitious Software Engineer at Kainos with a passion for community building and TikTok memes. She founded Corgi; an undergraduate women in tech community, organised events within Queen’s Computing Society, presented an AR tutorial at NIDC 2020 and is now AWS certified as a Solutions Architect Associate.

Mark Allan

Mark has learnt from a lot of mistakes, the greatest of which was to start up a developer conference. He started coding on an ICL mainframe in the mid-70’s, but these days his happy place is reactive UIs with serverless cloud back-ends.

May Cheung

After a background in the legal sector for 14+ years, May realised her passion has always been in tech, having previously studied Computer Science a very long time ago. She now runs operations in a startup. An active member of the tech community having previously spoken at NI Developer Conference and BelFOSS, May continues to find ways to support and contribute to a growing community.

Megan D'Arcy

Megan’s a Data Analytical Engineer with Allstate NI on her placement year out and studies Maths and Computer Science at Queen’s University Belfast. Fun fact: she’s currently in the top 1200 of Pokémon Go battles.

Yuan Zhang

Yuan is the chair of Ulster University Computing Society & the first BCS Student Chapter in NI. He is an active, energetic person that has a strong passion to link the student body with the local tech community. Also, he has organised the SISTEM conference (The largest student-run Tech Conference in Europe) and hosted the LGBTQ+ panel. Now he is the student ambassador at Liberty IT.

Zan Dani

Zan has had a few careers; as an extra and a cameraman, he was even in the navy at one point. When he’s not skateboarding around Belfast, he’s at Farset Labs working on his UI/UX designs, where he also volunteers on projects for the space.