Cracking the Furby code: The path to evolve an icon

10:45-11:15, Conference Room 1

It’s 1998. It’s the year of Britney Spears, The Spice Girls, the first Google Doodle, and the year Titanic dominated the box office.

It’s also the year Hasbro gifted us with the Furby, the first successful attempt at an interactive robot pet. It divided the playground, created a generation of spooky sleepover stories and sparked the xmas riots of 99’.

20 years on, creatives and engineers have started to crack the secrets of the Furby, evolving and unlocking its full potential using today’s technology.

During this session, The speaker will talk about their journey cracking the Furby code, revealing the software and hardware secrets that made it the toy of the millennium and how you too can reanimate your childhood Furby friend.